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If you dont know

Where they at


Retroit intro

sMArtY PAntZ

Cartiers(IGWT) at Detroit

Tf im doing this weekend?

Tf im doing this weekend?

My new sounds:

we are a family

violence is a lack of resolution

talking is the solution but no one could ever do it

a misunderstanding evolves into altercations

causing mass destruction to our planets population

stop the debating its plain and simple

conversation is the remedy, violence is a pimple

resolution is the thread,  the people are the thimbles

It’s quite extra simple and very nimble

we are a family, would you ever murder your own sibling?

under god we’re all related from geriatric to children

we are a family, would you ever kill your parents?

your parents are elders, so respect all elders, that fact is very apparent

we are a family, no matter you ethnicity,

the kind of car you drive or residential vicinity.

we are a family, no matter your spouses gender.

we were all created equal and to that you should remember.

i am my brother’s keeper and my sister’s keeper too.

you are your brother’s keeper and your sister’s keeper too.

so the next time you decide to use misunderstanding as a tool

remember we are a family and keep your cool.